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Topic: NXG Electronics XTAB A10 Plus Review  (Read 12129 times)

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NXG Electronics XTAB A10 Plus Review

NXG Electronics recently launched their new tablet called Xtab Plus. The main difference from their earlier tab "Xtab" and this one is that it comes with 1GB DDR3 memory and IPS Panel( 1024X600Resolution) screen. Also,  it has Front 0.3MP and Rear 2MP camera. Therefore, Plus denote for this extra premier feature.
After the  huge hit of Micromax Funbook and Veedee D10 every manufacture now trying to their hand on Tablet. NXG Electronics's Xtab also got huge demand among consumer for such a low cost. For this type of product,  tablet segment getting popular day by day. One day it will come when tablet market share will be higher than Smartphone. Ok now let have a look on the specification:-

Allwinner A10 1.5 GHZ
Dual-Mali 400 GPU
8GB Internal-Memory
7'' inch multi-touch capacitive IPS panel Screen
1024X600 Resolution
3.7V/3000mAh battery
Micro 5 Pin USB 2.0 with OTG support
Built-in MIC
Supports 3G Dongle
HDMI port
Weight- 271 Gram.
  • Attractive price tag (Rs.7990/-)
  • 1.5 GHz fast processor
  • 1GB DDR3 RAM
  • 8GB onboard storage
  • Dual Mali 400 Graphics chip
  • Multi-touch LCD touch screen
  • IPS Panel with 1024X600 Resolution
  • Bright colorful screen
  • Google Android Ice-cream sandwich OS
  • Google Play Market
  • Sleek looks
  • WiFi(3G via dongle only)
  • Expandable memory (upto 32GB with micro-sd card)
  • Stock music player
  • HDMI port to connect to your HDTV or Monitor
  • Live wallpapers
  • Ebook reader
  • 2MP rear camera

  • No Bluetooth
  • No GPS
  • No brightness tuning option in setting
  • Below average battery backup

The Package :

The box is quite solid made of cardboard which secure the tablet from any physical damage. Feature set of the tablet is written around the box. Tablet is packed with a plastic and the corner is secured with the help of thermocol lining. It has another compartment which contains  its accessories, which includes charger, mini-USB cable, a USB OTG cable, earphones and a manual.
Design and Build :

Xtab plus is very good looking tablet. Its very slim and its quite light,very nice to hold.Its much slimmer and lighter than Micromax Funbook tablet.

Micromax Funbook- 192 x 122 x 10 mm
NXG Xtab Plus-   196.3x122.3x8mm

The weight of the tablet is only 270gms whereas Micromax Funbook is 360gms. So its lighter by 90gms. The weight is really helps you to hold it for many hours for reading and multimedia purpose.
The tablets has very good build quality similar to Micromax Funbook.. The screen is not reflective like iberry Auxus. This helps it to watch in direct sunlight. I really like about the slim looks its really a plus point.
This tablets has sufficient input/output option like mini-USB port, HDMI port, micro-SD card slot and a charging port. The volume rocker, home and power button is there on top right side of the tablet. It has no physical button unlike in Micromax Funbook that's looks clean and moreover ICS doesn't require any physical button. Front side has 0.3 camera for skype and video conferencing. It also equipped with rear 2.0MP camera. The back side of the tablet is metal finish which looks very good but build is plastic. That's expected we cannot get metal casing with budget tablet. Speaker is on front left side of the tablet. Which is perfect for watching movies.
The Display :

On the left is the Xtab A10 plus, on the right its the funbook

When you first turn on the device you will be  just amazed by its screen quality. Its so bright and vibrant looking panel. The screen is 7'' inch 5 point  capacitive multi-touch IPS Panel with 1024x600 resolution and has 160PPI pixel density. The color reproduction is great,  from any angle you see it. IPS panel is most positive aspect  of this tablet.
Watching movies,  reading eBook or comics is great in this tab. Wallpapers looks great and screen quality is similar to Ainol Nova Aurora tablets.. But this tab costs quite lesser than Aurora so that's the sweet deal we can get it from NXG electronics. One negative point is you cannot tune the brightness in this tablet, but its not this tablet fault I think. The Android OS that comes up this tablet doesn't comes up with this feature. You can easily flash to any custom ROM to rectify this problem.

Operating System:

The tablet comes with Android 4.0.3 version Operating system with Baseband version: 1.1.1 and kernal 3.0.8 crownh809 #30. The OS is fresh and fast without any bloat wares unlike Micromax Funbook that's lags like hell. OS is very smooth almost like a butter slice :P Every application opens without any crash whatsoever thanks to 1GB DDR3 RAM whereas Funbook comes with 512MB RAM. The main advantage of extra ram is that you can install plenty of app without any crash and every task feels fast than tab with 512MB ram.
Ice-cream Sandwich OS works best with 1GB ram OS. It also  comes with Google Play market in-build so you don't need to take the hassle to install the script. It also contain few pre-installed apps like gmail, Super-HD player,default browser, Kingsoft office, Quick office pro and default android player. I installed a few app for testing like

Ebook reader-Aldiko premium, adobe reader
Browser-Dolphin HD, Opera mobile and Skyfire.
Video player-MX Player, and Moboplayer
Benchmarking-Quadrant Standard, Neocore, Vellamo and Linpack. 
Games-RacingMoto, RaginThunder 2, Angrybird space, Temple run, BMX boy, and Fruit slice.

Under the Hood
The NXG Xtab Plus sports a 7-inch, IPS(in-plane switching) screen, with 1024x600 pixels resolution. Its a 7-inch tablet to house Allwinner A10 cortex A8 processor, with 1GB DDR3 ram and Dual-core Mali 400 GPU chip.
Here's the key feature of Allwinner A10 SOS
 VPU (Video Processing Unit)
         HD Video Decoding (Super HD 2160P/3D Film)
         Support all popular video formats, including VP8, AVS, H. 264 AVC, VC-1, MPEG-1/2/4,
         HD Video Encoding (H.264 High Profile)
         Support encoding in H.264 format
     DPU (Display Processing Unit)
         MULTI-CHANNEL HD displays
         Built-in HDMI
          LCD interfaces: CPU, RGB, LVDS up to Full HD
         DDR2,DDR3 SDRAM, 32-bit
         USB2.0 Port
The operating system can be booted from NAND flash,SPI NOR flash, SD Card.
Internet browser:

It comes with stock ICS browser that works quite well for most of the sites. Installed some third-party browser also like Opera mobile, Dolphin HD, and Skyfire 4.0. All these browser supports flash out of the box. You can save your favorite websites as bookmarks just like you do in your desktop or laptop. Browser experience is smooth and fluid without any hiccups whatsoever. Pinch-zoom works quite well as you will be needed this feature to see full website in a pleasant way. Website opens quickly, and page scrolling is far better than funbook.
Video and Music Playback:

Thanks to Allwinner A10 1.5GHz processor and dual-core Mali-400 GPU, it renders every possible format like child play. Whether it is 1080P or 720P, video playback is as smooth like played in laptops or desktops. Viewing experience also better in this tab as its comes with IPS panel. So, whether you are in bed, sofa or chair your watching experience would be best at every possible manner as it has better viewing angle than normal LCD panels.
About the video app. it comes up with Super-HD player, its good for basic use but I have  to downloaded few other app from google play market like Mobo player and MX player. These two player are best video player for android till date. As it supports subtitle and many other features. You can swipe up on the left side of the screen to set brightness up and down and same in the right side to volume up and down. You can rewind or forward the seek bar by swiping left or right in the center of the screen. Quite useful feature I must say. It has HDMI port so this can also be used as media player for HD TV like Asus O-play.
About music player   it comes up stock android player but I didn't like its interface so downloaded Double Twist app from play market. Its best music player in my opinion as its interface is very good looking. It has also radio in build in it. So, you can listen your favorite radio channel online. The main interface contain as Artist, Albums, songs, playlists, podcasts, and you can add paid feature also like Airsync (Wirelessly sync itunes music & playlists, photos and videos with your Mac/PC over your WiFi network. Plus stream music and videos also).

Document and e-book reader:

This tablet can also be used for viewing and editing office documents. It comes with Office suite pro and Kingsoft office. I found Kingsoft office to be best. You can edit and create new document such as word, excel and PowerPoint. Its almost like a Microsoft office that we see in PC.
As an ebook reader also it works pretty good, as good as other tabs but the brightness is stuck at maximum and is irritating to my eyes.The only fix seems to be is to flash it with a custom ROM, please ask NXG regarding this issue, none of the apps on the market could fix this issue.

Playing games in tablet is always fun. Its best time killer for me. And you can find plenty number of free games in play store. I tried some games like RacingMoto, Raging Thunder 2, Angry Bird Space, Temple Run, BMX Boy, Fruit Slice, and Killer Bean Unleashed. Most of the games was very fun to play. One game stand out is Killer bean Unleashed its HD free game and its graphics is mind-blowing. I was surprised by its graphics. Dual-mali400 GPU renders every games like champion. It need something to be admired of. 



It equipped with front 0.3 MP and Rear 2MP camera. Quality is ok but not that great. Bt then you are not buying this tab because of camera.  Check below for attached some photographs from both the camera. 


Xtab A10 Plus:

Micromax Funbook:

In computing, a benchmark is the act of running a set of  program or other operation, in order to assess the relative performance of an object, normally by running a number of standard tests and trials against it.  There are many types of benchmark  like CPU benchmark, GPU Benchmark, single and multi-threaded benchmark.
I tested this tablet with
(A) Quandrant Standard
(B) Neocore
(C) Vellomo
(D) Linpack
and compared with my Micromax Funbook to get accurate result. 

It comes with 3000mah battery. On normal using I could get 4 hours of battery life. Task includes like  benchmarking, watching HD video, listing to some music, and  web browsing with wifi on. life. Charging cycle need to be repeated many times to get best backup. 4 Hours is slightly below par,but this can be slightly improved if the screen brightness can be reduced a bit.
The Verdict:
So, Letswrap up this review. This is the best budget tablet you can get it at affordable price. It has every features that you see in current android tablets. It costs Rs.7990/-
I will rate this product 8/10 .
I would like to thank Mr Sandeep from NXG Electronics for sending in this sample and would like to wish them all the best for their future!
I hope you like my review, stay tune for more product reviews.
Thank you and Cheers.

------------Update : July 1 2012---------

Yesterday I was trying to login into recovery console to flash the tab to custom rom. But in RC the Volume rocker and power button is not  working at all. You need Volume up/down button to scroll menu up/down and power button to select any option.

Solution- This may be the problem in review sample but to confirm this you may contact NXG electronics customer service.

(2) Battery

On normal using it will give around 4 Hours of battery life. And with watching some Full movie (720p/1080P) it will give around 2.5 Hours of battery life.

_________________Update- 6/7/2012____________________

Tried Brightness Adjuster for NXG

With highest brightness

With low brightness

This app doesn't decrease the brightness its actually used some filter to lower the display brightness. Why?? Check the ICS bar, with brightness set to low it didn't effect to the ICS bar.
Battery backup is same as before.
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nice one tenida! Now thats what I call a review!
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detailed review... nice... but i dont like the look of the tablet's back...
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Awesome review Teninda, loved the way you compared the screen resolution of the fun book with XTab plus.  You deserve a clap

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Looks better than Nexus 7 at 8k price tag
But NO GPS  :'(

How much warranty?

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 :bye: :bye:

 :dance: :dance: :dance:

at last the review was out....

a really nice reivew from you tenida.. better than expected... :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

wanna go for a buy as with all those things i can neglect the battery and brightness issue

so tenida any app to decrease
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^we tried a few apps...none worked...

if you got any suggestions, send them to tenida (or post them here), I think he has the tablet for a few more days...
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have you try to install custom roms on it...

is there no option like menu>settings>display>brightness/ contrast>

or installing any other launcher
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