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I don't think this product needs any kind of introduction. As this is the builder series lineup which is giving the best value for the price and a really nice warranty too.

This PSU is perfect for your HTPC or Office rig. Going for other El Cheapo PSUs will let you go through the reason of suggesting this as the base for every HTPC or ofice.

This PSU is designed to give above average performance at extreme power requirements and provides not less than 80% efficiency when at full load and thus you get a really nice Wattage as CX430 v2 has been rated 430W and 80+ Certified.

At a glance, you will find the box really cheap as the box has just plain printing, but the positive and the most important point is that the company has saved a lot at the box.

You receive the box as a carton with black print like this:

But that is all right as you only want to pay for whats inside the box right !!


Well, whatever, the inside of the box seems really nice as you finally get the PSU inside, no accessories make you feel that you have not payed much for its but that was fine with me as you honestly don't pay much for the power supply you get here !!


We all know that its  an entry level power supply from Corsair but the results are amazing and Corsair has maintained its reputation here. The Voltage regulation must have been better but it Builder Series (CX) no Enthusiast series (AX). So, Compiling the results, at its price, this is a really ice performer. Not the best but if you want a decent performer under the price TAG.


The CX430 v2is nothing special but a starter range PSU, so we don't expect much from this unit, as modularity is expensive. So this PSU sadly is not modular, this PSU has nicely sleeved cables though which is really a nice function and that takes it all as this is not some high power unit. Just 430 W explains it all.
This unit is 80+ Bronze Certified and that is where it wins. Corsair has put life into this unit by this very act too.

Build Quality:

Well, after reading the two above sections, I can say tat corsair has focused on the Quality mostly. When it comes to build quality, it is just not that great. The outer side is fully all right.even though the soldering was "OKAY" here, we can compromise that as it is not going to give any major problems. the capacitors could have been of better quality but its all right as far as it is a builder series power supply with costs cut down like hell.
Everything else looks nice inside and the layout is pretty good for cooling purposes PLUS you get a 120 MM fan and Dust filter.


You can get this unit everywhere except for some small shops. In Mumbai, LAMINGTON ROAD it is or you can look at online stores like, etc.
and for abroad,, and Tiger direct can be some choices.

In India this unit is sold for a sole of Rs. 2300 and is really the right value.


I recommend this power supply for sure as this product gives you super nice value for money and the nice wattage takes it all over with 80+ Efficiency. If your system requirement is about 400W, then I will recommend you to get The Corsair CX430 v2.

Before I conclude this up, I would add an unboxing for you to watch, so that you can have an idea of the product.

So, I conclude my Review here, Thanks for joining me. Catch Ya later
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION is the review !!

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Hey..can you please tell the following:
1)Amps on the various voltages
2)The connectors available
3) Length of various cables
4) Your system specifications

I know its hard to do any testing on these without any real equipment, but do include the above..also, some pics for all above would be nice..
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