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Topic: RAM : 8 GB (3.93 GB usable)  (Read 1331 times)

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Hey i just interchanged the positions of RAM sticks now my comp is using full 8 GB.

Btw im not feeling much difference in performance. Is there huge performance difference between 4 GB and 8 GB ??

I dont do much of multitasking, i just play games, surf the net and watch HD movies.

then I think one of them was not inserted properly..

anyways, not many tasks take 8GB, definitely not will not see any noticeable change..
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4GB x2 = 8GB

Double speeds may be! or good for gaming.
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modern games still generally dont use more than 3-4gigs of ram.....but if u play in 3d or use softwares for multimedia encoding and all that stuff it does use 8gigs of u wont be having any significant performance boost for 8gb......... :c



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