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Topic: D'Link DSL 2750U wifi router Working screenshots  (Read 55699 times)

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This screen shot guide will help you configure D LINK WIRELESS N300 ADSL2+ MODEM ROUTER / D'Link DSL 2750U wifi router for PPPoE mode configuration and WiFi with security password. You can easily add any password of your choice with WPA2 encryption. Market price of this modem plus router is Rs. 2,800. Intended for BSNL broadband users. But you can also change VPI/VCI and use it for Airtel and a few other ISPs.

Hope this helps. Share with those in need.

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Another model of Dlink  without wireless mode.
Similar to  Beetel220BX   with USB port.

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well i just bought this router to use it with my 3g usb modem.
i am using a huawei e1690 usb modem and i tried to make the setting of this moden woth this router but i cant be able to get connected. i think there is something wrong or my usb moden is not compatible with this router.
please can someone help me out as im in need with this wifi connection.
or is there another solution on how to fix it.
i even have got a normal usb modem which has a lan output and was thinking to connect it with this d-link router and make it wifi hotspot.

waiting for a good reply.


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Dlink 2750U  is an ADSlmodem+wifirouter  and  an input is given with a RJ11 cable.
The other USBmodem with LAN output (USB port) also same adsl modem.
: NEED  an ADSLBB Landline connection.

You are connecting in WIFI mode with your present  3G USB modem
( similar to the WLAN adapter which picks signals from a wifi router)

If you want this  signal to be  used by other laptops/smartphones etc 
you need a special 3G wireless Router with 4 LAN ports.
 If your OS is Windows7, download application "Connectify" and try.
wait... Example 3Gwifi router.
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With anpve configuration of 2750U router+Model , my BSNL Dataone internet disconnects many times after working for some minutes  like 10 or 15 minutes. 
And there is no reconnect on the admin of router - I have to either remove and rep-plugin in the RJ11 telephone cable or reboot router.
Then it re-connects to Dataone.

1. Why is this model disconnecting after few minutes?
2. There is no "reconnect" feature pppoe connection in the of admin UI of router.

I tried to check the debug log of router.

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Is this (D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router) compatible with Apple's Macintosh OS ?
Kindly reply ASAP...

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"I have purchased a used 3750G-24TS switch, it is of the older generation it is slightly larger than the current models as the front fo the switch has some vents.The switch does not have an internal power supply and I am confused as to which power supply this switch needs to make it work."
"Secondly I understand this model is not POE, if I purchase a power supply that supports poe can I make this into a poe switch or is there naything i can do to make it into a poe switch?"

To solve this problem, you can easy use PoE patchpanel to work this switch as PoE switch. Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24TS switch is an innovative switch that improves LAN operating efficiency by combining industry-leading ease of use and the highest resiliency available for stackable switches.


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