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Hi guys

 You probably must have noticed that we have changed a few boards, got some new sections and re arranged a few older ones.

We now have a full section for Buying help.In this section we have PC Buying guides, Laptop/Netbook buying guides, Cellphone Buying guides and other electronics. It seems pretty clear as to what kind of queries are to be posted in those sections, but I will just make it more clear:

PC Buying guides - Any kind of queries related to deciding what hardware (desktop) to buy, goes here. Stuff like graphics cards, processors,motherboards,monitors and so on belong to this section.

Laptop/Netbook buying guides - Questions related to Laptops and netbooks goes here. Discussion about different makers like HP/Dell/Lenovo is allowed here. Sharing your experiences with these companies and their warranty can be done here. Problems/Issues should be addressed in Software/hardware problems section. Discussion of tablets shall be done in the Gadgets store.

Cellphone Buying guides - Pretty straight forward, if you need any advice on which cellphone to get, please post here. If you want to discuss about a phone,it can be done here,but no "news" shall be posted in this section.

Other Electronics - If you want to buy anything else,like a TV, home theaters,Fridge,printers  and so on....pretty much anything that runs on electricity can come here. If you want to share your problem/experience with some brand and their ASS(after sales service), you can do so here. Other "problems" should be avoided.

We also have a new section called "OS discussions", its basically where you discuss anything and everything about the Various operating systems. It is not restricted to computer OS, it can be even your phone or Tablet. Discuss various applications, tricks,videos and news. But, if any application for your PC can come under Antivirus , Audio or video tools,then those can go under "most wanted software" board.

If you guys have any suggestions, feel free to tell us and we will do our best to implement them.


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Finally.... Wow rajan you have become free.... lol..... Must have taken ages to move all those threads.....  a home for all sorts of collectors a knowledge hub......



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