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Can anyone tell that What is the difference between dell laptop studio and Dell Inspiron laptops?
Basically,which one has More features than each other and the upgrade option,Which one has extra?
And yes,the face recognition and Print touch finger feature!Which dell model's have both of these features?

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Inspiron is for home user budget and quite and old series. Studio laptops are newer versions and share some features of XPS series laptops.
Inspiron has more metal, Studio more plastic. :) Studio is expected to replace the Inspiron.

Studio series have face recognition. Thats all i know. :(
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That's all you know,it is ok,however there is no need to be :(
Be like this :) :) even if "You have tried to help me"
Please everyone,please help me remove my confusion between these two,one more point from manoj,"I appreciate your work though Manoj"
Please come and remove my confusion,now even one more topic in these,"Metallic and Plastic"

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Basically from the names Inspiron laptops are home users budget laptops.They are made for general work and some gaming.

Studio from name only says that a Multimedia laptop.Good speakers, configuration and apps are what make them cool.

Studio is better in my opinion.
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Hmmm...metallic and plastic means the components are of some metal whereas Studio has components made of some sorta plastic. Components in the sense the outer covering, hinges etc.

Even I recommend Studio more than Inspiron.
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Two different series of products.

Inspiron ---> Mostly budget notebooks, aimed for the common man

Studio ---> Stylish and more "exclusive" notebooks, mainly for the youth who want better looks and better hardware.
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Which dell studio has face recognition feature,i am not able to find single one even!


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